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PELs for Epilogue are very welcome. 

All things must End, and it is time for  this book to close.

Thank you for telling this story with us over the years! Our love to you all.

The People of the United States of America, c. 1885

Proud and patriotic, Samuel is a rural Pennsylvanian farmer who is taking time out of his busy harvesting season to celebrate Loyalty Day. He'll gather with the rest of his small town under the red, white and blue buntings in the center of the square for a real fine Jamboree. They'll share some pie and iced lemonade on this warm late summer day, compete in foot races & feats of strength, and muster up a fine sing a long of the national anthem, My Country Tis of Thee. Much effort has gone into making this year's Loyalty Day a truly special remembrance for the town, and important guests all the way from Philadelphia are expected to make it a right fine affair for every American to recall for a good long while.

© Alexandra Lamancusa, 2014
Born Khethiwe in the southern reaches of Africa, she never would have imagined how her life would be so drastically altered. When the vile British soldiers came with their ultimatums and threats of war, it was the Americans who offered Khethiwe and her tribe the military aid they so desperately required to safeguard their homeland. Khethiwe, having joined their armed resistance forces, quickly realized that here was a culture in which anything was open to a person if they just applied themselves- truly the American dream was real. Khethiwe became so enamored of the American way of life that she immigrated to the country, becoming a true citizen of this progressive nation. She quickly ascended the ranks of the military and became known as Sargeant Khethiwe Baumfree, lovingly adopting the former President's last name as her own.

© Alexandra Lamancusa, 2014

Keystone is a live-action roleplaying game set in the remains of the Dakota Territory in 1885,
twenty years after a global catastrophe has forever changed the known world.

Events will begin in the Spring-Summer of 2015.
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