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PELs for Epilogue are very welcome. 

All things must End, and it is time for  this book to close.

Thank you for telling this story with us over the years! Our love to you all.

The People of the United Kingdom, c. 1885

After the Human Augmentation Edict, body modification became all the fashion among the aristocracy. The gentleman shown here has top-of-the-line augments, imported directly from London's elite clockmakers. He even has a clockwork jaw, which has become popular among barristers and statesmen who frequent the Queen's Court.

© Alexandra Lamancusa, 2014
Loyal citizens of the United Kingdom were the first to personal augmentation, courtesy of the Queen's Edict. The woman featured here has been augmented for her job as a chimney sweep, who are in high demand in the heavy-industrialized parts of Great Britain.

© Alexandra Lamancusa, 2014

Keystone is a live-action roleplaying game set in the remains of the Dakota Territory in 1885,
twenty years after a global catastrophe has forever changed the known world.

Events will begin in the Spring-Summer of 2015.
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