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PELs for Epilogue are very welcome. 

All things must End, and it is time for  this book to close.

Thank you for telling this story with us over the years! Our love to you all.

The People of Rome, c. 1885

From all outside views it would seem that Aida Marzella walked through her daily life oblivious to the world around her. But, nothing could be farther from the truth. A scholar, a historian, and a fledgling cartographer, Aida’s mind and awareness stretched both back to the past and forward into the future. Sicily seemed so far away now. This America was a new land rife with opportunities to seek out and knowledge to uncover. She looked up from her book, dreamily stared at the hills and plains far off in the distance and smiled. Soon, she thought to herself, soon she would see those hills up close and discover what the horizon held in store. But for now, she kicked the dust and dirt off her heels and headed home for a family meal. For such possibilities were always best discussed with food and family.

© Alexandra Lamancusa, 2014
Orsino Costa had always been a quiet boy. It was no great surprise to his loved ones when he was recruited by the Order of Uriel at a young age. It was, however, a great shock to all when he began to climb the ranks of the Performers Guild. His love for the theater was voracious and he excelled in all of his creative endeavors. Some say the plays he wrote could put Vittoria Colonna to shame. Others postulated that he paid others to write for him and kept their silence with secrets. Either way he is a mainstay of the Roman theater scene. What better place is there in the entire world to see and be seen, hear and be heard? And we all know how chatty actors can be, don’t we?

© Alexandra Lamancusa, 2014

Keystone is a live-action roleplaying game set in the remains of the Dakota Territory in 1885,
twenty years after a global catastrophe has forever changed the known world.

Events will begin in the Spring-Summer of 2015.
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